by Fossils



released June 2, 2012



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Fossils Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Tundra
They're selling merchandise because they've fallen in love
With the idea that he's watching from above
But they won't realise that they all steal
We are being watched, but not by what you think is real

Life on this Tundra. We're stealing its thunder.

It's a funny thing to think about
But you've got to have curiosity, and you've got to have doubt
I don't expect you to see it the way I do
But I've fallen for wonder, and I've fallen for you.

Life on this tundra. We're stealing its thunder.
Track Name: Don't touch the glass
You must be loosing your mind
Or maybe it's that you're just blind
You're walking around
You're probably better not making a sound

I've noticed that you've been coming back again.
I wonder, if this could really be the end.

It's like replacing you're fish tank water, with something that isn't water!

Don't touch the glass.